Chrysos ESG

Chrysos’ ESG principles reflect its core values of respecting and valuing all team members and stakeholders. We listen to, and empathise with, the communities in which those stakeholders exist, and always operate with integrity and consistency.

Accordingly, Chrysos seeks to partner with companies that not only share its principles, but also demonstrate a history of strict legal compliance, local community engagement and sustainability practices.


Every sample analysed with PhotonAssayᵀᴹ means reduced CO₂ emissions and less hazardous waste. To date, we have achieved:

Reduced CO₂

Hazardous waste

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Environment and Sustainability

It is important that the activities of those we engage with minimise environmental impact at all touchpoints. Accordingly, Chrysos partners with companies that:

  • maintain strong environmental risk management plans
  • employ market-leading environmental standards
  • apply robust science and research in their approach to activities
  • ensure materials, energy and resources are used efficiently
  • minimise use of hazardous and environmentally harmful materials (including emissions) and have contingency plans in the event of containment failure
  • monitor, report and accurately disclose environmental and sustainability performance
  • actively seek to improve environmental and sustainability performance

Community Engagement

Chrysos expects companies it engages with to develop meaningful community relationships and social programmes. Accordingly, it partners with companies that:

  • maintain an open and mutually-beneficial dialogue with their communities
  • create shared value through community and social investment
  • seek to maximise local engagement in operations through employment and contracting
  • demonstrate cultural sensitivity and respect for local customs and rights
  • engage with community leaders and local authorities to ensure any development plans have input from relevant stakeholders

Click here to learn how we are supporting the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation and Pure Earth in their efforts to make the world a better place.

Health and Safety

A strong health and safety record is critical to the success of any business. Accordingly, Chrysos partners with companies that:

  • implement a systematic and proactive approach to health, safety, and the elimination of hazards
  • fully comply with relevant laws and regulations, and are proactive about applying their own best-practice standards where legal requirements do not exist
  • ensure safety training is sufficient at all levels and monitored regularly
  • promote health and safety awareness and maintain a supportive culture so personnel are encouraged to act or raise issues where necessary
  • monitor, report and accurately disclose health and safety performance
  • actively and consistently seek to improve health and safety outcomes

Governance and Compliance

Chrysos maintains strict compliance with domestic and international corporate governance standards and seeks to partner with organisations that adhere to those standards. Such standards include:

  • ethical and responsible decision-making
  • anti-bribery and corruption rules and regulations
  • structures to safeguard the integrity of financial reporting
  • respecting the rights of, and providing effective and transparent disclosure to, all stakeholders
  • fair remuneration to employees and support collective bargaining arrangements
  • promoting inclusivity and diversity, plus investing in training and educational programmes

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