Our Chrysos team is proud to elevate its commitment to global social responsibility by developing its relationship with both, Pure Earth, and the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation. This deepening engagement not only aligns with Chrysos’ internal culture and operational approach, but is a proactive intervention in global health crises where a relatively small contribution can create significant positive outcomes.

Seeking to inspire others, Chrysos Chair Rob Adamson has laid down a challenge to the team by pledging to donate 30% of his 2024 annual Director fee towards both organisations (pro-rata from the commencement date of the relationships for 2024, and then 30% of his 2025 fee) underscoring a personal and professional ethos of giving back and engaging with communities to achieve meaningful positive results. This gesture, Mr Adamson hopes, will serve as motivation for every member of the Chrysos community to consider contributing to causes larger and more significant than the challenges they themselves may face on a daily basis.

Pure Earth: An Investment in Health and Communities

The issue of lead and mercury poisoning often arises in proximity to mining operations that rely on small-scale, traditional, or outdated techniques.

In targeting the dire consequences of related lead and mercury exposure, our partnership with Pure Earth transcends simple environmental conservation and remediation. Our combined efforts are a proactive measure to safeguard futures, ensuring children in these communities grow up free from the irreversible impacts of toxic exposure. By engaging with Pure Earth, Chrysos is leveraging its resources to enact substantial, life-altering change, demonstrating how focused contributions can dismantle cycles of health disparities.

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Pure Earth

Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation: Restoring Dignity, Rebuilding Lives

Our alliance with the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation exemplifies our commitment to addressing often overlooked health issues. Obstetric Fistula, a devastating condition resulting from childbirth complications, not only inflicts physical harm but also social exclusion.

By supporting the Foundation, Chrysos contributes to a critical, yet easily remediable, healthcare gap. Our support embodies a commitment to healing, hope, and the restoration of dignity to countless women.

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Pure Earth

Why We Choose to Act

Our engagement with these charities mirrors a core belief: that we all possess the power to make a difference. Situated in the heart of communities affected by these pressing issues, Chrysos is uniquely positioned to effect positive change. Our support is strategic, focusing on areas where we can achieve the greatest impact, underscoring our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship.

Together, We Forge a Path Forward

Reflecting on Chrysos’ commitment to meaningful social responsibility, we focus on community connections and a shared vision for a better world. Our initiatives with Pure Earth and the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation are not corporate obligations; they are extensions of our collective heart and humanity. By aligning our efforts, we not only address critical health and environmental challenges, but also weave a tapestry of compassion and solidarity within the communities we touch. It’s through our dedication to creating healthier and happier societies that we truly make a difference, fostering a future where every contribution is a step towards healing, hope and equality.

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